FastTag-the unseen side

The government is about to implement fast tag around the nation. The high way commutation will be much easier as the vehicles doesn’t have to wait at the toll. It is said that commuters can pass through 380 toll plazas without the need to stop.

fast tag.jpg

But once this fast tag is implemented, then each and everyone with a vehicle will be asked to have a fast tag on their vehicle. And once this is implemented it might help the long distance travelers, but the short distant travelers will suffer the most. As there is no need for vehicles to stop, the number of collection areas can be increased to such a rate that even if you travel a lesser distance you will have to pay toll. Nowadays tolls are kept like 50 to 100 kms apart in most places, unless in places like Coimbatore where you may run into 5 or 6 toll in about 10 km due to several reasons in some areas.  But now a localite who lives in between these tolls will have to pay a price while using the road which they frequently use. So you may think it is a good thing, but the problem here is highways are built for long distant journey and were never intended for short distances and the localities would have been happy with their existing roads exist no more as highways came in place and hence fast tag will adversely affect them.

The toll collected from the individual vehicles can be reduced as there will be more points at which toll is being collected. But again these can lead to people looking for loopholes for not paying the toll. This will become a new headache for the police department.

Finally these tags might be providing credit policies as most will not have enough money in account and hence these toll will promote credit taking culture in our country.  And credit providers will make big bucks. And the user will end up paying more than the normal toll amount. So let us think again if we need these tags.

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